WRITER SPOTLIGHT: Kerrigan-Lowdermilk

This September, NMT is putting a spotlight on its writers. Each day, we’ll be featuring one writer or writing team’s recommended audition songs and audition tips – and sharing a discount code for their one-day-only Spotlight Sale! Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Kerrigan-Lowdermilk. Not too long ago, Kait and Brian released a glorious set of songbooks into the world – with specific books for everyone from baritones to comedians to young voices. 

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Favorite audition tip: If you’re having trouble finding an audition song, try to reappropriate a country song. Disney songs work too.

Recommended female audition song: ANYWAY

Performed by Emma Hunton:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Recommended male audition song: AVALANCHE 

There’s a male key, tenors! Here it’s performed by Lindsay Mendez:

Watch this video on YouTube.

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