This September, NMT is putting a spotlight on its writers. Each day, we’ll be featuring one writer or writing team’s recommended audition songs and audition tips – and sharing a discount code for their one-day-only Spotlight Sale! Today, we present a feature on Zoe Sarnak. Recently, Zoe was part of the Fresh Pens concert at the Highline Ballroom – check out the videos here

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Favorite audition tip: I’m looking for tone, warmth, richness of vocal quality as much as how high a person can belt. Just give an honest performance that lets everyone in the room hear your instrument. I’m not against vocal acrobatics, but they can been counter-productive in certain cases.

Recommended male audition song: IF YOUR CHILD

This is a female performance of the song but it also works extremely well on a high tenor voice. You can play with the cut but I love the “If Your Child Had a Wedding” through the bridge and the ending. The most important tip is to understand the hurt and love behind the song over any finger-pointing anger.

Performed by Lauren Pritchard:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Recommended female audition song: EASY 

Check out the bridge for some a great place to show different parts of your voice!

Performed by Kacie Sheik and Preston Sadleir:

Watch this video on YouTube.

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