Making It Work

I’ve been a devotee of “Project Runway” since day one; Austin Scarlett made a ball gown out of day-old corn husks and I was on board. Let’s be honest, it’s great TV – it’s got drama, snappy catchphrases, and more surprise twists than a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. But you know what else? Watching “Project Runway” has […]

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I feel like I’ve been living inside of a writing bubble for the past year. Not enough time socializing with my friends. My MacBook is basically glued to my thighs and my fingers think they’re just meant to tickle the ivories. I talk to my dogs ten times more than I do to people. Yup…I’m […]

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The First Post

This is the maiden post of the blog. Welcome! I have the great honor and responsibility of popping the proverbial cork. Clearly, it shouldn’t be me. I made a boat allusion. Like, we were about to embark on something more Anything Goes than blog. Though perhaps “anything goes” isn’t such a bad description. We […]

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