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Billy Recce

Billy Recce is a writer, composer and performer living in New York City.

 His show “Balloon Boy: The Musical” has been presented at the Kraine Theatre (NYC), The International Thespian Festival (Lincoln, NE), Monarch High School (Fort Collins, CO) and Theatre Row (NYMF). It has won the 2014 Thespian Musicalworks Award (sponsored by Theatrical Rights Worldwide), and its world premiere production, at a high school just a few miles away from where the “Balloon Boy” event actually occurred, was featured on CBS, NBC, FOX News, NPR, Colorado Public Radio,, the LA Times and beyond. At 17, he was the youngest writer to ever get selected for the prestigious New York Musical Theatre Festival, a production that was featured on Timeout’s “11 Shows You Should Catch at NYMF” and Playbill’s “Top Ten Shows Not To Miss At NYMF”. In October 2017, Green Room 42 launched their New Writers Series with a concert version of the show.

 His musical “Wally Weasel’s G.O.P Jamboree!” recently had its world premiere production at Fordham University in October 2016. His next musical, “The Charlatans“, premiered at Fordham University in February 2018.

As a singer-songwriter, his concert “Songs To Pop Balloons To: The Music of Billy Recce” played at the York Theatre Company in August 2016. In July 2017, he made his 54 Below Debut with “The Perks of Being A Snowflake: Songs by Billy Recce“, a show that he also presented in September 2017 at The Metropolitan Room. He is currently the Head Writer and Composer of BroadwayWorld’s award winning, musical web-series “Rachel Unraveled”. His songs have also been heard at other various venues across Manhattan, including The Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama’s, and Tune In Time.

In 2017, Recce was the recipient of the York Theatre Company’s NEO Award. In 2018, his song “Go Into Finance” received the MAC Award for Best Comedy/Novelty song.

As a playwright, he is the winner of the 2014 VSA Playwright Discovery Award for HAPPY, and his other plays have been performed at the Kennedy Center, the Cherry Lane Theatre and the 2014 NYSTEA conference. In addition, his other works extensively cover social justice, have been recognized by the United Nations, and were performed at various venues and social justice events across New York.

Billy is currently a Junior in the prestigious playwriting program at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. He is represented by The Paradigm Agency. Currently, he is working on a musical about the life of Rudolph Valentino, an album, and some other cool things that he can’t talk about, so don’t ask.


Go Into Finance

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceFrom RACHEL UNRAVELED At an audition that could change her life, a young actress is asked to do nothing but tell her story. This is her musical response. Key of C (F3-C5) Key of Eb (Ab3-Eb5) Videos in C:Rachel Ravel at 54 Below on July 7, 2017. Nikka Graff Lanzarone at 54 Below on July 13, 2018.

With Him

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceFrom BALLOON BOY: THE MUSICAL While her husband and children are off alien hunting, Mayumi, a devoted housewife and Mother, describes that despite her husband’s over-the-top schemes, she still finds a lot to love about him. Key of D (G3-Bb4)Laura Laureano at The Green Room 42.

Step Number One

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceFrom RACHEL UNRAVELED Heather, a eccentric motivational, convinces Rachel to give up her crippling addition—through a Melissa Manchester wannabe song! Key of F (C4-E5) (Recording is in F)Lindsay Nicole Chambers feat. Chad Kimball

Another Fifteen Minutes

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceA long-grieving mother recounts her sentiments to a reporter on the anniversary of her child’s highly public death on a major tragedy. Key of D (A3-E5) Video in D:Natalie Weiss at Feinstein's 54 Below on July 13, 2018   Nikisha Williams at the Metropolitan Room on September 17, 2017  


Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceA young woman returns to the empty house of a loved one she has since lost.Female Key of Eb (Bb3 - Eb5)Male Key of F (C3-D4)Allison Strong at the York Theatre Company's "NEO 2017"

Children of the World (Betsy DeVos's Song)

Music & Lyrics by Billy Recce After facing over a year of backlash, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos makes a musical appeal as to why she actually is perfectly fit for the job. Key of G (D4-F5)Alexa Joseph at 54 Below on July 7, 2017.

Classes and Food

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceFrom THE PERKS OF BEING A SNOWFLAKEA nervous college admissions counselor’s malfunctioning powerpoint in the midst of a presentation reveals their core intentions for their students.Key of D (A3-D5)Victoria Duffy at 54 Below on July 7, 2017

Father (A Christmas Song)

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceA mother decides that it is finally time for her to tell her young son who his father is.Key of D (Gb3-D5)Alexa Joseph at York Theatre Company on August 12, 2016

Only In My Head

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceFrom RACHEL UNRAVELED Rachel, a star on the rise with a lot of heart and not a lot of talent, images her showstopper of an eleven O’Clock number on a Broadway stage. Key of A (Gb3-D5) (Video is in A)Rachel Ravel