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book and lyrics by Octavio Solis
music and lyrics by Adam Gwon

Monica's head is in the clouds most of the time--she takes photos of them and pastes them in a book, trying to capture them before they're gone. But when she discovers her mother in a tryst with a stranger, her entire life begins to feel as ephemeral and unreliable as a cloud. She decides to investigate the mystery of her mother's secret life and the man at its center--but the deeper she goes, the more lost Monica becomes in the labyrinth of her own heart. A new musical drama about desire and its transgressions. 

Cloudlands was written with support from South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA.

Cloudlands made its world premiere at South Coast Repertory in spring 2012.


From Cloudlands. Click here to preview "Explode."

How Was Your Day

From Cloudlands. Click here to listen to "How Was Your Day."


From Cloudlands. "Drive" is primarily a male solo, and can be performed as such, or as it exists in the show with the bridge section as a duet. Both parts are included in the sheet music. Click here to preview "Drive."

What We Do

From Cloudlands. Sheet music trims out interstitial dialogue, so the song can be performed as a solo. Click here to listen to "What We Do."