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Dean & Brush

RACHEL DEAN is a New York-based composer, pianist, and music director originally from Iowa. An ASCAP award recipient, she is a graduate of NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program and works as a rehearsal pianist for Hamilton. Her musicals include: The Anxiety Project (with David Brush; upcoming at Rubber City Theatre Co., Akron, OH), Medusa (with Wes Braver), and The Ballad of Janis Matthews and the Dodo Scouts (with Giancarlo Rodaz).

DAVID BRUSH (Lyricist/Librettist) has served as dramaturg, writer, director, producer and various other roles in the theatre over the course of his career.  David's writing work has been honored by the Chicago Theatre Building,  The American Harmony Prize, and cabaret circuits in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and London. David has produced and directed locally as well as in Chicago and New York. In addition, David has directed regional premieres and/or developmental labs of  over 40 new and rarely produced musicals as well as lead producer for the New York engagement of Hot Mess In Manhattan (with Greg Shaffert and New York Theatre Barn). David is the librettist/lyricist for several original musicals including Summer Of My German Soldier and The Big Picture (with Jim Farley), The Anxiety Project (Upcoming: Rubber City Theatre and Phoenix Theatre Company) and Amelia (With Rachel Dean).   David is a member of The Dramatists Guild and theatre faculty member with Regent University and Sinclair College.
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Three Days Without Breathing

From THE ANXIETY PROJECT. Ursula Villareal and company at New York Film Academy on 2/01/2017Directed by Robert W. Schneider Music Directed by Kevin David Thomas

Home Enough To Me

From THE ANXIETY PROJECT. Melissa Kruger at New York Film Academy on 2/15/2017Directed by Robert W. Schneider Music Directed by Kevin David Thomas

Last Call

From THE ANXIETY PROJECT.Macy — three quarters of the way through a drinking binge and emotionally in turmoil — ignores her sister’s phone calls only to worry that the bar’s ‘last call’ and might also mean her sister’s ‘last call’. Macy’s regret and fear will lead to her third suicide attempt. Key of Gm

Dodging Bullets

From THE ANXIETY PROJECT.Finally brave enough to leave her abusive relationship, Molly explains to her unstable ex why she has no choice but to end their relationship. Key of Fm

Origin Story

Noah Hinsdale and Noah Weisberg at The Cell Theatre, New York Theatre Barn on 5/10/2016Directed by Sammi Cannold Music Directed by Brian Ge This song is intended for a young performer (approx. 8-12 years of age) but can be adapted for gender and age upon request.