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Genre: Holiday

Guess What? It's Christmas!

The sheet music is in the key of A and can be performed by both male and female singers. It can be transposed upon request - contact us and provide your order number. Performed by Jenni Barber. Performed by Alyssa McGuigan. Performed by Bridgitte Raven.

Christmas, Will You Stay?

Key of EbPerformed by Laura Osnes

A Week 'Til Christmas Eve

Video is in F:Derek Klena at Studio Recording on 10/04/2013

Let's Do Nothing for Christmas

Music by Joe KinosianLyrics by Kellen Blair An alternate romantic plan for the holidays.Key of B (F#3-C#5) (Video is in B)Nicole Lewis

(We’re Gonna Have Ourselves) An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Music by Joe KinosianLyrics by Kellen Blair A mother tries to power through the first Christmas without her eldest sonKey of A (A3-E5) (Video is in A)

Father (A Christmas Song)

Music & Lyrics by Billy RecceA mother decides that it is finally time for her to tell her young son who his father is.Key of D (Gb3-D5)Alexa Joseph at York Theatre Company on August 12, 2016