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Genre: R&B

Stand Tall

As Performed by Jesse Nager on YouTube

Brush Off

Music by Jacob YanduraLyrics by Rebekah MelocikKey of Em: E3-B4 (male or female)A soulful R&B stand-alone ballad, about loving someone more than they love you.Jon-Michael Reese with with Charity Angél Dawson, Dan Domenech & Kristolyn Lloyd at 54 Below on February 16, 2015.

Just Like Me

From Where The Sky EndsLyrics by Michael Mott & Zoe Samuel A soulful R&B/ pop uptempo from Mott's debut album Where The Sky Ends about the moment you realize your parents are not the superheroes you thought they were. Sung and recorded by American Idol's Justin Guarini & Broadway's Alan H. Green. Key of C  Performed by Justin Guarini Performed...