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Jasper in Deadland

JASPER IN DEADLAND follows 16-year-old Jasper as he travels through the Afterlife on a mission to save his best friend, Agnes. In this hybrid underworld, Jasper encounters demons, gods, mortals and monsters from Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Norse, and Judeo-Christian mythology, learning what it means to die and questioning what it means to live.

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Volume 3

Includes: Map of Scars  Sorrow Done  Ruination  City of Angels  Clever  You'll Never Grow A Day Older  Ground  The Forgetting  The Killing  Hungry For Your Heart  Awful People  Lifesong  One More Day of Snow  On Her Trail  Crazytown  Hemming and Hawing  Mama, Let Me In  On Monday (Male)  Leave, Luanne (Female Version)  To Do (Male) (please note all songbooks are digital download...