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Let's Drink To That

When I Go

There are a lot of words, don't let that scare you. You can do it!Key of C (F3-A4)Video is in C Performed by Colton Ryan at 54 Below

Mom Could Play Guitar

This song is about Drew's mom, but make it about YOUR mom! :)Key of Bb (D3-G4)Video is in BbPerformed by Alex Brightman at 54 Below on 9/11/17

On and On and On

Make sure to connect with the lyrics.Male & Female KeyKey of Gb (Bb3-Eb5)Video is in Gb<> Performed by Elizabeth Ann Berg at 54 Below

Danny and Andrew (tenor)

Just be excited!Key of F (C3-F4) Performed by Jeremy Morse at 54 Below

On The Edge

Sing it loud, give 'em hell! Pick your transposition:Key of F (G3-C5)Key of A (B2-E4)Key of C (D3-G4) Video is in F Performed by Julia Mattison at 54 Below

I'm Not Falling for That

Don't hold back! Give it all you've got!Key of Bb (F3-G4)Video is in Bb Performed by Will Roland at 54 Below

Wishing For The Sun

From Let's Drink To That: The Music & Lyrics of Drew Gasparini This song was written after the 2016 presidential election as an anthem to stay hopeful.  It is for everyone to sing and spread around. Original key of C: Performed by Drew Gasparini at 54 Below on March 20th, 2017    

I'll Stick Around

From THE LET'S DRINK TO THATThis song is all about making the promise to live. Find hope in the hurt.Male Key - A (E3-B4)Female Key - D (A3-E5) Video is in AKeith White at 54 Below on September 11, 2017

The Thing I Like the Most about New York

Don't be too obvious with your acting choices. There's a fine line between love and hate in this song. Find that line.Key of C (G3-F4)Video is in CPerformed by Andrew Kober debuts this song at 54 Below on 9/11/17