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Michael Mott

MICHAEL MOTT is an internationally acclaimed musical theatre composer/ lyricist, pop songwriter and vocal producer with over 13 million streams to his name. He has been heralded one of Playbill's "contemporary composers you should know." His original musicals include In The Light, A Faustian Tale (book by Nathan Wright and Justin Silvestri), The Fairy's Tale (book by Gretchen Suárez-Peña), Mob Wife, A Mafia Comedy (book by Corey Skaggs) and the ten minute musical, Riding Out The Storm (book and lyrics by Christine Toy Johnson). He has written, produced and recorded three full length studio albums of his original theatre, pop and jazz material sung by some of the best vocalists from Broadway, television and film. His discography includes Where The Sky Ends, Abandoned Heart, In The Light (Highlights from the World Premiere Studio Cast Recording) [which debuted at #8 on the Billboard charts], plus various dance remix EPs and singles. His full discography is available everywhere music is sold. Sheet music is available at


Empty Eyes

Empty Eyes is the third single from Mott's upcoming EP. There are few things more tragic than witnessing a loved one fall apart. Mott says "I wrote this song after my partner came to me with nothing more left to give to me or our relationship. I wanted to do everything in my power to help heal and protect them, but...

Cry For You

Cry For You is the second single from Mott's upcoming EP. Inspired by the ending of a serious romantic relationship, this song is a cathartic emotional release. Beginning in a low, more emotionally heavy place, the singer grows more liberated as they learn to celebrate crying in a healthier way. Key of F Major Michael Mott (feat. Blaine Krauss)

The One That I Choose

Music and Lyrics by Michael Mott and Carson Rammelt   Key of Eb Major

Never Thought Of Christmas

Never Thought of Christmas is an original song written by Michael Mott for Los Angeles based recording artist, Matt Bloyd. The song was released on Bloyd's 2020 Holiday album, "Christmas Changes Everything." The piece explores the idea of the narrator ending a relationship out of necessity, but never realizing how much they would reminisce and emotionally struggle around the holidays.  Key of F Major

Through My Eyes

From Lucifer LUCIFER retells the story of the Bible from the Devil’s perspective. After continuously being taken advantage of, Lucy decides to have a conversation with the Boss. She barges into her Boss' office only to realize there is no Boss and she and the other Angels have been lied to all along. This song takes place at the end of the first Act when Lucy realizes she has the power...

Brand New World

From Lucifer LUCIFER retells the story of the Bible from the Devil’s perspective. With a looming deadline to create planet earth quickly approaching, The Boss assesses a crucial element is missing. In this song, one particularly cunning angel, Lucy, comes up with a game-changing solution: humans. Key of E Major - G Major Michael Mott · "Brand New World" - LUCIFER (Demo)   Performed...

Be The Song

Be The Song is a charity single released by Broadway Records and Yellow Sound Label on the compilation album "So Much To Say – Songs for Every Town." This vibrant anthem calls attention to gun violence and using your voice for change.    Key of Eb Major

The Impossible

With a central focus on Bloyd's rich vocal abilities and Mott's uplifting lyrics and piano accompaniment, "The Impossible" is an inspirational modern anthem, sure to unite universal audiences.   Key of A/ Bb Major

Just Like Me

From Where The Sky EndsLyrics by Michael Mott & Zoe Samuel A soulful R&B/ pop uptempo from Mott's debut album Where The Sky Ends about the moment you realize your parents are not the superheroes you thought they were. Sung and recorded by American Idol's Justin Guarini & Broadway's Alan H. Green. Key of C  Performed by Justin Guarini Performed...