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        Originally presented by Libra Theatre at Les Poisson Rouge October, 2013
        Monstersongs is an exciting piece of musical theatre synthesizing a live rock concept-album and a graphic novel all from the point of view of misunderstood monsters. Featuring a score by award-wining composer Rob Rokicki and illustrations by Dave O'Neil.
        A silly, scary, heartbreaking, and hilarious multimedia experience, the show will feature a Monsterband and projections integrated into live performance. Each song and corresponding artwork will explore different genres and styles. From a shimmery waltz of a lovelorn Igor, to a haunting folk song of a serial killer wishing he could stop him himself, to a bluegrass rock of a Yeti and Sasquatch who find friendship and understanding; Monstersongs condemns and celebrates the monster in all of us.
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        Say Goodbye

        From Monstersongs. Performed by Katrina Rose Dideriksen at The Cutting Room on August 29, 2013(Medusa's song from Monstersongs)   Don't feel the need to copy vocalisms to make the song your own. For context, the song is sung by Medusa.

        Hell Hath No Fury

        From Monstersongs. Monstersongs puts audiences in a synthesized world of graphic novels, rock musicals and live performance. A portal into the psyches of often misunderstood creatures; Monstersongs flips the switch on the monster narrative, inviting audiences to explore the humanity that binds us all. Broadway legend Julia Murney sings Hell Hath No Fury on the world premiere recording, from the point...