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    Murder for Two

    Two actors, one piano, 14+ characters! (depending on how you count...)

    Murder for Two is a whirlwind Musical Comedy Murder Mystery by songwriting duo Kinosian and Blair. Wannabe detective Marcus Moscowicz must keep his wits about him if he is to solve the murder of Arthur Whitney, great American novelist. And everyone is out to distract him from his case.  Dahlia Whitney, newly widowed, is intent on capitalizing on the spotlight for her acting career.  Barrette Lewis, femme fatale (but she's so attractive she can't be that dangerous, right?), knows how to get what she wants.  The three young surviving members of the twelve-member boys choir are just really adorable.  But when everyone at the scene of the crime has a motive (including Marcus himself), can he keep the facts straight before the real detective arrives?

    With over 6 international productions, multiple national tours and multiple award nominations, Murder for Two has tickled the funny bone of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe!

    Steppin Out of the Shadows

    From Murder For Two Written by Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair Dahlia gives us a dubious confession… in disco form Available in:Female: (Bb4-Eb5)Male: (D4-G5) Any transposition available upon request. Contact customer service after purchase You can find the full album on iTunes and Spotify