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You cant escape the effects of time_or your family. Thats the concept behind RELATIVITY - a new pop-rock musical about perspective_about how your points of view on time and family continually change and impact each other_and about discovering what and who are really most important in your life. Each of the shows songs somehow explores/plays on the concept of time and how it is impacting a member or members of the Ackerman family a typical, contemporary, middle-class American family of four fighting to make sense of their lives.

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From Relativity. Becca Ayers, Nick Dlaton at Stage 72 (The Triad) on 11/29/2012from RELATIVITY by Rob Rokicki & Michael Ruby at Stage 72 -Part of Album release concert Mary Mossberg, Al Bundonis at Ars Nova on 12/05/2011as part of FIGHT/FLIGHT: Songs from the Musicals of Rob Rokicki & Michael Ruby. Directed by Paul Stancato The mp3 is from the album...