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Stand-alone song

Kindergarten Love Song

Performed by Kasie Gasparini at Joe's Pub, 7/29/13.

What Do You Do With Your Arms?

The secret to life might just be answering this question… one of Carner & Gregor’s most popular numbers, this hilarious full-body performance opportunity has been performed by David Perlman, Danielle Wade, Tamar Broadbent, and hundreds of other performers around the world. Choose your transposition:Key of A (A3 - E5) (soprano)Key of G (G3 - D3) (alto)Key of C (C3 -...

My Heart Was Set on You

Check out Sutton Foster's rendition on her CD, Wish, as well as her performance on Jeff's podcast. Performed by Sophie Caton at The Pheasantry Performed by Billie Wildrick Performed by Mackenzie Orr on June 9, 2011


Performed by Kate Wetherhead at 54 Below on 4/8/13.

Moving To China / Will You Come With Me

Duet about a brother and sister relationship. Key of Db. Male range: C3 to Gb4. Female range: F3 to Db5. Performed by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk at (Le) Poisson Rouge on February 7, 2011.

I Loved You Too Much

Kasie Gasparini at Emily Gates' Performance Center (Novato, CA) on 1/07/2011The debut of this song.

Slow Down

from CRAZY JUST LIKE ME  Lexie Papedo at Joe's Pub (NYC) on 1/22/2012 Lexie Papedo at TONY Lounge (NYC) on 9/11/2011 This song was written in 2005 but in 2012 finally got the belty bridge it needed.

Shut Up And Listen - Female

Suitable for any female voice. Jeanna de Waal's version. Key of E. The low note is B3. The high note is B4. Performed by Jeanna de Waal at the Canal Room on February 28, 2011.

Up And Down

Written with the students of Young People's Theatre Workshop under the direction of Claudia Carlsson. A surprisingly moving song about an elevator, performable by most solo performers, or by a group. As performed by Jenni Barber. Key of C. The low note is B3. The high note is C4. Performed by Jenni Barber at Rockwood Music Hall on January 23,...