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The Boy Detective Fails

book by Joe Meno
music and lyrics by Adam Gwon

based on the novel by Joe Meno

After a childhood full of wonder, Billy Argo, boy detective, faces a mystery he can't comprehend: the shocking death of his younger sister and crime-solving partner, Caroline. Ten years later, 30-year-old Billy returns to his hometown determined to solve the mystery and right old wrongs--but what he discovers instead is a world full of unimaginable strangeness, beauty, and love. 

The Boy Detective Fails was written with support from the American Musical Voices Project: The Next Generation at Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia.

The Boy Detective Fails made its world premiere at Signature Theatre in fall 2011.

That's All

Performed by F. Michael Haynie, Bonnie Milligan, & Sam Heldt at 54 Below on 4/13/13.