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    The Years Between

    The Years Between is a poignant window into lives, loves, and dreams of the new lost generation set to a rock, folk, pop and soul score. The piece centers on Piper, a 27 year-old modern Peter Pan living in a modern American city, and the group of millennials in her life. Together they are six 20/30somethings struggling financially, changing jobs, and moving through long term but non-committal relationships. Piper thrives on the freedom from responsibility but as she sees everyone growing up, she begins to question at what point it is time to settle into real adulthood? The Years Between is a snapshot of the "boomerang" generation and their idealized, if sometimes misguided, search for purpose.

    If Your Child

    Lauren Pritchard at Highline Ballroom on 8/12/2013Sheet music includes bass-line and chord chart due to the style and arrangement of the song.