• All This Shit Was Meant To Be
  • All This Shit Was Meant To Be
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All This Shit Was Meant To Be

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From Eleven.

“All This Shit Was Meant To Be” is the finale of ELEVEN, a 10-minute movie musical written by Rachel Axler and directed by Jim Krueger. Music by Brad Alexander, lyrics by Jimmy McNicholas, choreography by DJ Salisbury, and edited by Stefanie Dworkin. It was written, rehearsed, shot, and edited in 16 days for RIPFEST #8 and starred Jeff Blumenkrantz, John Bolton, Jenna Robinson, Natalie Toro and The Radio City Rockettes.

ELEVEN is the story of bowling-shoe clerk Todd, who’s smitten with Bowl-A-Rama regular Linda but can’t summon the nerve to approach her due to his ghastly eleventh toe. Inspired by an ad in the local paper claiming to be “The Last Resort”, Todd decides to finally do something about his cursed extra digit. He must win Linda’s heart… but what is he willing to lose?


Featuring Jeff Blumenkrantz & John Bolton