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From Misty Makes it Better

Music by Brad Alexander
Lyrics by Jill Abramovitz

MISTY MAKES IT BETTER is an original musical for anyone who’s ever felt passionately about an important cause. Or felt passionately about felt. Or both.

 Misty Riggs crafts like nobody’s watching... and they’re not. The quirky teenage optimist livestreams daily to an audience of zero about her passion for all things sequined, glittered and puffy-painted. But when her takedown of a bully goes viral and actual followers follow, Misty finds a new calling: to be a champion for the LGBTQ+ community!

Ignoring the misgivings of her BFF (and only F) Alix, Misty sets out to make genderfluid classmate Jacey the star of a campaign Jacey never asked for. When Alix and Jacey unexpectedly click, their budding romance not only threatens Misty’s grand plan, it also blindsides Alix’s mom (who’s got her own complicated thing going with the school principal). Increasingly isolated, Misty vows to win over Jacey and make herself a hero—no matter the cost. 

An intimate and thorny comic drama with a driving, pop-inflected score, MISTY MAKES IT BETTER explores the shifting fault lines of modern identity and the perils of doing what’s right for all the wrong reasons. A bedazzling new musical with an indie edge—get into it!

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"Followers" from MISTY MAKES IT BETTER from Brad Alexander on Vimeo.