16 of the Most Overdone Women’s Audition Songs

You know how there are some songs that the person ahead of you at an audition always seems to be singing? Don’t be the person who sings one of those. It doesn’t matter how awesome you sound or how great the song is – and so many of these songs are so great, that’s how they got to be overdone in the first place. Help yourself stand out in an audition by picking the equally great song less traveled. These are the audition songs that I always seem to hear:

1. “Still Hurting” – The Last 5 Years

In fact, anything from this show is probably out.

2. “If I Loved You” – Carousel


3. “Watch What Happens” – Newsies

Save this one for your shower.

4. “I Want it All” – Baby

This song seemed to come out of nowhere and then all of a sudden it was the only song gracing the halls of Telsey & Co for the majority of 2014.

5. “Astonishing” – Little Women

It doesn’t matter if you’re Sutton herself. There’s no excuse for bringing this sucker into the room.

6. “Get Out and Stay Out” – 9 to 5

This bums me out because it’s such a fun song to sing, but sadly it’s becoming an open call staple.

7. “Gimme Gimme” – Thoroughly Modern Millie

I once heard a girl ask her friend in a holding room, “Do you think I should go with ‘Astonishing’ or ‘Gimme Gimme’? They show such different things.” Bible.

8. “Pulled” – The Addams Family

Another one to save for your shower.

9. “Don’t Rain on My Parade” – Funny Girl

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Lea Michele is a pretty much impossible act to follow. And no matter what you’re going to be compared to her while singing this.

10. “Spark of Creation” – Children of Eden

Am I the only person who thinks everyone sounds the same when they sing this song?

11. “Journey to the Past” – Anastasia

This is another that recently came out of nowhere (I’m looking at you, Beauty and the Beast National/International/Antarctica/Mars tour auditions).

12. “The Wizard and I” – Wicked

I hate that this is even on the list.

13. “Dyin’ Ain’t so Bad” – Bonnie & Clyde

It doesn’t matter how good you sound on that top riff, I think you’ll rarely find a casting director who wants to hear Wildhorn in an audition.

14. “Ready to be Loved” – Edges

This one may be an exception to the rule. Yes it’s done a lot, however, if you sing it well and have gotten positive feedback from it, you should totally go for it.

15. “A Change in Me” – Beauty and the Beast


16. “On My Own” – Les Miserables

Need I say more?

What are some of the songs you always hear done at auditions?

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