(5, 6, 7—) 8 Options for a Dancer's Singing Call

Let's face it, dancers: singing solo pieces in auditions can be frightening. We spend so much of our lives learning to speak with our bodies that we don't always feel comfortable opening our mouths! But remember— in musical theatre, it's all about storytelling, engaging the audience, and embodying the character. When you look at it this way, you realize each dancer possesses an incredibly well-tuned instrument. So why not take advantage of those skills in a singing call? Here are eight ideas to get you off on the right foot at your next audition.


1. "My Party Dress"- Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk

"My Party Dress" is an endearing and fun tune with a bubbly melody and lots of opportunities to use your whole body and voice equally to tell the song's story. There's even a moment to show off your splits!


2. "The Show Must Go On"- Adam Gwon

For any of you who are also choreographers, it's likely you've faced a moment where a dancer threatened to quit your gig. "The Show Must Go On" provides an opportunity to apply that life experience to a fun and truthful audition cut. Or, use it in its entirety for a showcase duet (including the dance break, of course) and show off those choreography skills!


3. "Crayon Girl"- Ryan Scott Oliver

"Crayon Girl" is a powerfully written song about the love of art and passion for creation, making it a great choice for any dancer who has to get those dance moves out, out, out of her head and onto the floor. No doubt, you'll recognize the passion you carry yourself within this RSO piece. Plus, it's a nice ballad choice with support in the accompaniment so you won't feel too exposed.


4. "Eight-Bar Audition Song"- Sam Carner and Derek Gregor

I get it: sometimes dancers really, really, really don't relish the idea of singing solo in public and just want it to be over. Have no fear, because Carner and Gregor have you covered in their "Eight-Bar Audition Song." Eighty-eight words, a belt note, a legit note, and a little bit of comedy will get you in, out, and on your way faster than you can reverse the dance combination for the second side.


5. "What Do You Do With Your Arms?"- Sam Carner and Derek Gregor

As dancers, we're so used to having choreography that sometimes it feels strange to just stand still and sing. Why not use that storytelling body of yours and poke fun at that feeling instead? Bonus points: "What Do You Do With Your Arms?" comes in soprano, alto, and tenor/baritone keys, so every voice is covered.


6. "Fly High"- Michael Mott

Originally written for Emma Howard (star of Matilda and Violet, who has a competitive dance background), "Fly High" is full of the hope and joy present in every grand jeté. This is an especially great piece for a younger dancer or anyone looking for a princess-y feel for their audition piece.


 7. "If The World Only Knew"- Scott Evan Davis

Young boys can face a lot growing up in dance. Fortunately, Scott Evan Davis has a song for that in his beautiful ballad "If The World Only Knew." What better way to uplift and celebrate what they can do than with this heart-warming piece about self-love and acceptance?


8. "With The Right Music"- Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne

"With The Right Music" practically screams for a show-stopping dance sequence. And with the right song, you'll be okay too.

Picking a piece you love—especially one where you can really sink your teeth into a character and story—will help you feel confident in yourself and shine your brightest in the audition room. So be brave, use your training as a storyteller, and get out there! Break a (proverbial) leg!

 Sheet music for all these songs (and more!) is available for purchase at NewMusicalTheatre.com

About the author:
Stephanie Bergeron is a multi-hyphenate Canadian artist: dancer-choreographer-actor-singer-dance professor-adjudicator. More about her here: www.StephanieBergeron.com.