Am I Good Enough? 5 Songs about Doubt and Believing in Yourself

As anyone engaged in creative activities, whether it’s acting, music, singing, writing or any of the arts in general, you eventually get to that one point where you are on the edge of self-doubt. You start questioning yourself and wondering if it is worth all the sacrifices you’re making to allocate time and money to art.

That thought process can escalate pretty far to the point of questioning if you do believe in yourself, if you really have something worthy to say or if anyone else does truly believe in you. And if you tend to be an over-thinker, be prepared for the ride.

Since you probably turn to music when going through personal struggles, here is a list of songs to relate to, seek inspiration, or cheer you up in that process.

1. First comes this endless flow of thoughts of questioning oneself: “Can I do this? Am I strong enough? Am I good enough?”

I’m Not Good Enough” by Jeremy Jordan

Well, as if I wasn’t obsessed with Jeremy Jordan’s work, I just found out he writes songs, on top of all these wonderful acting and singing skills he’s got going on. And who is more relevant than a performer to tell a story about insecurities and self-consciousness they stumble into while pursuing their dreams ?

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2. Then should unfortunately come that moment you feel you’re stalled. 

Reach the Sky by Bobby Cronin

When you become unsure of so many things, you don’t know anymore where you stopped and where you should pick up to get to your goals. I especially love the construction of the song with its arch and gospel-like motivational bridge where one finally decides to “fly and be alive” and not waiting any longer for dreams to go to waste.

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3. That point where no matter anyone might say, think or do, you’re going to work your magic and prove you can make it. 

The Last Loser in the Universe by Drew Gasparini

Here sung by Alexander Sage Oyen (another multitalented artist who sings and writes/composes – check out his wonderful piece Belief with an amazing rendition by Ben Fankhauser), this groovy catchy piece tells a great deal about sticking to your choices whether or not people believe in you or understand your passion. Focus, hard work, and knowing where you’re going and what you’re working towards can get you there.

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4. Or you could also swear to leave all these questions behind and boldly decide to give it all.

“I’ll Jump” by Scott Burkell and Paul Loesel

Eventually you’ll let go of that fear of failing and get on that stage. And as you’re getting off it, it will eventually feel like you do belong here and could never stop doing anything else. So maybe everything is about taking that jump and taking chances without second-guessing: “Next time I won’t need that shove, I’ll jump.”

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“Life is meant to be lived on the edge, this time I won’t fear the ledge, I’ll jump”

5. Last but not least, the song that perfectly describes this overall thought process.

“Nothing” from A Chorus Line by Ed Kleban and Marvin Hamlisch

This rendition by Lea Salonga is a true gem and as she introduces the song she perfectly puts into words that uneasy feeling of “I can’t, I shouldn’t, I’m better off not trying.”

“Nothing” perfectly recounts all the various emotions going through your head when you’re told you’re never going to be able to do something. Hello rejection. Unless you’ve been pretty lucky, we all had our own Mr. Karp that told us we were “never going to be an actor, never!” and whose annoying voice sometimes creeps back into our heads. Well, shut it down. I know, easier said than done, but here we should really follow some nifty “Mormon trick” and remember to “turn it off.”

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Which songs or quoted lyrics inspire you to keep going?

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