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As anyone engaged in creative activities, whether it’s acting, music, singing, writing or any of the arts in general, you eventually get to that one point where you are on the edge of self-doubt. You start questioning yourself and wondering if it is worth all the sacrifices you’re making to allocate time and money to art. That […]

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Staging is a key element to setting up the place and plot for the story. I remember vividly the wonderful and mesmerizing experience I had watching the West End production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which won directing and set awards both in the US and UK. I had rarely been […]

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Strange thing. I fell into musical theater pretty late. But I fell hard, and never got back up. And I guess I’m extremely happy as it is: sitting teary-eyed, in great seats I spent two hours rushing in line to get, as the Pippin cast opens with “Magic to do” fills me with joy words can’t […]

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In celebration of Father’s/Mother’s Day, let’s examine the contributions of contemporary musical theater through this list of songs dedicated to parents. Dear Mom, dear Dad, we love you. There are things you need to know, things that we need to tell you but we keep quiet. And here once again Musical Theater songs say those […]

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Lessons from A Chorus Line on its 40th Anniversary

If you’ve gotten to read my “Meet the Bloggers” page, you might have stumbled upon my list of favorite musicals – and “favorite” is most certainly an euphemism here, as I am totally obsessed with those – which include A Chorus Line. There might be such a universal truth – especially to performers – conveyed […]

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10 Storytelling Songs of “Firsts”

Firsts. This is both my first time blogging seriously in English and my first article for – a website I’ve adored from the first time I set my eyes on it while browsing for contemporary music sheets. So I thought it would be the right time and a great tribute to talk about firsts… […]

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