“Dear Mom, Dear Dad”: 5 Musical Theater Songs Dedicated to Parents

In celebration of Father’s/Mother’s Day, let’s examine the contributions of contemporary musical theater through this list of songs dedicated to parents.

Dearest, darlingest mumsie and popsicle... My dear father. (Via Favorite Wicked Things on Tumblr)

“Dearest, darlingest mumsie and popsicle…” “My dear father.”
(Via Favorite Wicked Things on Tumblr)

Dear Mom, dear Dad, we love you. There are things you need to know, things that we need to tell you but we keep quiet. And here once again Musical Theater songs say those things out loud.

From love to reproach, anger to sadness, these songs explore several big conversations the characters wish they could have with their parents or recount the ups and downs of their parent-children relationships.

1. Dear Dad, yes, I want to be a performer and I’m pretty good at it and I will make it here, come and see for yourself.

Carner and Gregor’s wonderful “Make It Here” is a story song, exploring standing up for one’s own choices while admitting to seeking support from your loved ones.

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2. Dear Mom, you’re my hero, you are perfect as you are. No matter what, we will always have each other.

Jonathan Reid Gealt’s “Momma Don’t Cry” performed by Natalie Weiss is a true gem.

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3. Dear Daddy, now that you are not here with me, you took my life away from me.

The beautiful and emotional song “Dear Daddy” by Bobby Cronin deals with the painful grief after losing a parent. Cassie Levy’s rendition is very moving:

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4. Dear Mama, “If I could change, I’d do it all for you, but I can’t: this is who I am”

“Who I Am” by Lyons & Pakchar left me teary-eyed the first time I heard it. A young man comes out to his mother with great honesty, vulnerability and an open heart. The progression of the song is amazing, from a soft moving ballad-like start with a groovy section where anger builds up.

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5. Dear Mom, dear Dad, you weren’t warm, you weren’t here, but everything was beautiful at the ballet

“At the Ballet” from A Chorus Line translates into words and music the childhood memories and thoughts of three dancers: Sheila, whose father was cheating on her mother; Bebe, who did not feel loved enough by her mom; and finally Maggie, whose father left when she was very young.

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Make also sure to check out Seth Rudetsky’s Deconstruction of “At the Ballet”. His analysis of music and lyrics is insightful and amazingly explained.

(outro) Yes, Mommy is a Rock Star

For the last item of the list, we will let the moms express themselves, with this wonderful comedic song by Andrew Byrne: “Mommy is a Rock Star.” Yes, Moms also need to express themselves and are pretty good at it:

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Happy mother’s/father’s day to all. Wishing that you manage to say everything that’s on your mind to your loved ones!

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