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Guys!  I’m just so damn excited.  I’m so excited that I just punched a kitten.  I’m so excited that I peed on my neighbors car.  I’m so excited that I started menstruating.  I’m so excited that my DAD start menstruating.  Guys.  I’m fucking excited.  So excited that I’ve disgusted half of you within the first few sentences of my first blog of 2014!

“Why is Drew so excited?”… Shut up!  I’m getting to that part!  Just let me just bask in my excited-ness for a damn second!


*still basking…*

OKAY!  All done.  Now… why am I so excited you ask?  I’ll tell you!  It’s 2014 and shit is about to get real!  I often write about the “biz”, or writing, or theater, or human decency… but this time I am just mentioning some cool shit that I’m involved with that you should all be involved with too!  So come along!  Let’s play!

Playbill ConcertFirst on the list of reasons why I’m so excited that I can’t stop farting (I’m making myself laugh as I write this)!  I’m one of the featured writers along side several NMT writers including Joe Iconis, Ryan Scott Oliver, Jonathan Reid Gealt, Will Van Dyke and many more in the upcoming Playbill’s Contemporary Musical Theater Writers You Should Know: LIVE.  Each one of us will be debuting a BRAND NEW SONG!!!  The show is on January 27th at 54 Below and you should come to further support the new generation of writers.  You know why?  Because we are all on the verge of doing something amazing!!!  Stay posted and check us out!

Next on my list of things that are making me so excited that I’m filling my sister’s pillowcase with soup is “FROM HERE & THERE: The Music & Lyrics of Drew Gasparini PART TWO,” which happens on January 29th– 7pm at 54 Below.  The last “FROM HERE & THERE” we did in December sold out in record time!  That’s why we are back by popular demand, so be sure to get your tickets!!!  The line up will consist of Justin Guarini (American Idol, American Idiot), Alex Brightman (Big Fish), F. Michael Haynie (Wicked), Andrew Kober (Les Miserables), Jason Gotay (Spider-Man, Bring It On), Julia Mattison (Godspell), Ben Crawford (Big Fish), Kasie Gasparini, Monet Sabel, Cindy Latin, and Emily Kay Shrader.  Here’s a video playlist of the last concert we did so you can get a taste of the party you should be attending on the 29th.

Watch this video on YouTube.

OH SHIT!!!  THERE’S MORE TO ANNOUNCE!!!  I’m so excited I just drop kicked someone’s child into a creek!!!

On February 3rd,  our producer Daniel Benge of TheBengeGroup will be presenting 2 industry readings of mine and Alex Brightmans’ musical, “Make Me Bad.”  Here’s some info about the show:

Make Me Bad is an original, contemporary, gritty, musical thriller that follows Daisy Harris, a mid-twenties resident of Billings, Montana. Her life, like the town itself, is at a standstill. A string of unexplained murders rocks the town, coinciding with the arrival of a “freelance entrepreneur,” Max. The relationship formed between the two not only reveals the atrocities of Daisy’s past, but prefaces the darkness that is to come.

In a time of “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter”, the age of the antihero is in full swing. With an eclectic rock/folk score and a subject matter that has been previously untapped on the American stage, Make Me Bad will have you on the edge of your seats from minute one to the bitter end. Nothing is lost forever, even in the darkest places.

So yeah… get pumped.

Holy fuckin’ butt!!! All these rad things are just the tip of the iceberg!!!  SO MUCH MORE TO ANNOUNCE!!!  Stay posted with me on twitter @DrewGasparini and keep supporting the ventures of the insane brains… aka, us writers!


More to come.

Kisses and grilled cheese

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