I’d Run Away With Them All

What a fascinating community we have where we can enjoy so many different people creating a story out of our songs. There are plenty of songs where many different performers have sung the same song differently and have gotten comments on how different they are, but none have received the attention like Run Away with Me, sung by Michael Arden, Aaron Tveit, and Jeremy Jordan.

Michael Arden

Those pro-Michael Arden, like Stanley Tomlinson, state:

[Aaron]’s a fantastic singer. Absolutely amazing, to be honest. But I still feel Micheal Arden did a better job with this song than Aaron Tveit did. Not vocally, Tveit wins that hands down, but if you watch the live version of Arden, you can easily see why he surpassed Tveit.

Aaron Tveit

Those who fall for Aaron post on Michael’s wall, like sweetlovesing:

This was good, but I like Aaron’s better because his acting was more passionate and desperate sounding

Jeremy Jordan

And still, some, like som4tang26, favor Jeremy:

I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to beat Aaron Tveit’s version of this song, but dammit Jeremy Jordan did it. Amazing!

There are plenty of comments comparing the three, stating that this version is better than that version. But I think that’s the beauty: different people like different things, and with each new version, a new performer is offering the song in just the way that someone needs it to be sung. I love Michael’s desperation, Aaron’s determination, and Jeremy’s trepidation.

And some people get just that. Ginny Weasley posted on Michael Arden’s video:

Its so fantastic how all of these different performers sing this song, but each take a different approach on how to perform it. I cannot decide which one is my favorite because they are so different dramatically. The song by itself is so beautifully written.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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