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If we are being honest, we didn't expect to receive any responses at all to our blog post calling for stories. After all, we were asking strangers to share intimate details of their struggles with mental illness—specifically anxiety and depression—in a world that still holds a firm grip on stigma towards those who suffer. We had no idea, really, what we were going to do with these stories. 

We are not doctors. We are not psychiatrists. We are musical theatre writers.

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#NMTVotW: Around the World

Last week, I talked about choosing a college for reasons other than “New York.” And this week, I’m continuing that to state that talent can come from all sorts of places. This week’s #NMTvotw comes from a high schooler in Stockholm, Sweden. There are a few things that are international, and music is one of them. […]

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#SocialMedia #MusicalTheatre

The internet has become a temple for musical theatre writers, performers, and audiences alike. Discovering artists and shows and music is easier than ever through things like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and now websites like In the golden-age of musical theatre, you could pretty much get a mediocre show up at a young age, […]

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Haters Gonna Hate…Or Are They?

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but a little while ago, NBC did a live version of The Sound Of Music.  As it aired (and after), there was much brouhaha about how people criticized the…well…everything about it.  Apparently Carrie Underwood (who played Maria) responded by opining that “mean people need Jesus.”  Now I […]

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How We All Watched The Sound Of Music #Together

Like probably most of you reading this post, I watched The Sound Of Music Live a week ago today. Since then, I feel like I’ve read more articles responding to the audience’s response – via social media, of course, with even DiGiorno Pizza playing along – than responding to the performance itself. It’s that meta-commentary that […]

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Customer Service at NMT

Customer service is always an interesting field to work in.  You never know quite what will happen on any given day.  Some days it may be a warzone, and others it may be quiet on that western front.  And giving customer service online is no exception to that. I honestly can never know what to […]

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It’s Not About the Money and the NMT Green Room were created for multiple reasons: Helping #NMTperformers find the sheet music they look for Helping #NMTfans find new writers and learn what they write Helping #NMTwriters make some money before they’re famous Creating a community of #NMTfans, #NMTwriters, and #NMTperformers Giving you news as to what’s going on in […]

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Traveling to NYC

I’m the only blogger (I think) on the Green Room that doesn’t currently live in New York City. So when I visit the city, like I did just last week, I want to make every day worthwhile. And part of me thinks that those that live in the city feel the same way. As a […]

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You’re Gonna Be Populist

It is ten years ago. You are reading The New York Times and you come across this sentence about the latest musical to open on Broadway: the show “does not, alas, speak hopefully for the future of the Broadway musical.” And if somehow that piece – along with the production’s other scathing reviews – is […]

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Being Aware

To anyone, but mostly, the “me”s, I am a white, cisgender, gay man, writing musical theatre in New York City, and I am not uncommon. The amount of “me”s I see writing and performing and garnering awards and taking new jobs and making names for themselves is staggering. The inherent male/white/and yes, even in this case, gay […]

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#NMTVotW: Passion

Most get into musical theater by listening and watching others before they join in creating the magic themselves. In fact, most are lead to participate in this creation because the passion they gain from being inspired by previous actors, writers, singers, etc. This passion is what drives us, and it’s what keeps us going. When […]

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Drama Is Drama: Women’s Voices in Theater

Last year I was contacted by Erin Guinup, a musician/teacher in the Seattle area who was preparing a lecture and paper on female musical theatre composers and wanted to include my work alongside the music of Kay Swift, Mary Rodgers, and Jeanine Tesori.  In addition to showcasing some of my songs, she asked me to respond to the following quote […]

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It is a brave new blog that has such writing on it

In the opening post of the NMT Green Room, Kait Kerrigan wrote about how NMT’s mission – and now the blog’s – is to be our own little “room of requirement” as we find new ways to create and celebrate our community. As the blog’s editor, I agree that there’s no better way to frame […]

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“Please sir, I want some more!”

Once you’re a fan of musicals, it can be difficult to keep your appetite for cast recordings satiated. Back in the day, it used to be easy to browse through the musical and soundtrack section of Borders, but how is someone supposed to figure out what to listen to next in this day and age? […]

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I’d Run Away With Them All

What a fascinating community we have where we can enjoy so many different people creating a story out of our songs. There are plenty of songs where many different performers have sung the same song differently and have gotten comments on how different they are, but none have received the attention like Run Away with […]

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Kindness Within The Community

I had a really cool experience this past month. I was trolling Twitter and saw an informative and non-judgemental post (which is rare on that bitchfest machine) by Broadway Spotted. Now, like the UK’s West End Producer Twitter account, Broadway Spotted is an anonymous poster. I responded to “Spotted” and got a very kind response. We […]

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