Maria Solves Your Problems: Auditioning for The Witches of Eastwick

And we’re back for another week of audition songs! But before you read any more of this, please go over to Drew Gasparini’s powerful post. Mandatory reading for everyone this week.

So this week is focused on The Witches of Eastwick – we received back-to-back requests for different folks in the show. I’m highly curious if these entries came from the same production! I wasn’t incredibly familiar with the show going in, but after some listening, I’m considering going to the northeast premiere of the show up in Maine – anyone want to road trip with me??

Here are the letters about The Witches of Eastwick:

I have an audition for The Witches of Eastwick and I need 2 contrasting songs. Do you have any suggestions? I’m a Mezzo Soprano and I’m looking to be considered for the parts: Sukie, Jane and Jennifer.
-Magical Mezzo

Hi, I am auditioning for the musical Witches of Eastwick and I need two appropriate contrasting songs? I have a strong belt and mixed voice. My head voice isn’t as strong but I can go to a certain level, just not soprano. I am a tenor/alto mostly. Thanks.
-Tenacious Tenalto

First off, I applaud all ladies who call themselves tenor/altos, being one myself. It’s an odd place to be, though it sounds like you can belt, which is great.

So in listening to the soundtrack, here are the thoughts that went through my mind:

  • “Loose Ends” made me think of “Dying Ain’t So Bad” from Bonnie and Clyde
  • Jane’s character made me think of “Waiting” from the Addams Family
  • “Another Night at Darryl’s” strongly evoked Gussie’s “Act Two Opening” from Merrily and/or “It Needs Work” from City of Angels
  • This whole show makes me think of different Andrew Lippa songs – for belting purposes, you can’t go wrong with “Pulled,” “Raise the Roof,” “Look at Me Now,” depending on the character you’re looking for, and “Maybe I Like It This Way,” could be great for one of the main women. For those who don’t love the Lippa, this isn’t a bad time to pull out your Wildhorn either.
  • Mostly, I kept thinking about ways to make it look like a woman is throwing up large physical objects, and all of them made me laugh.

Hopefully that’s helpful to you ladies. Folks who know this show, add your suggestions in the comments!

Watch this video on YouTube.

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