#MusicalTube: Top 5 Pop Covers by Musical Theatre Divas

No need to trawl through the whole YouTube universe to find the best covers of done-to-death songs – I’ve gone ahead and done it for you! And when you’re looking for the best of the best, you can’t go past covers by musical theatre performers who have the chops, the flair, the courage and the ingenuity to reinvent the biggest tunes in truly incredible ways. This week, it’s all about the ladies, tearing up the stage and wowing virtual crowds around the globe:

1. “Chandelier” by Sia

There are loads of serious contenders for this race, including a dynamic low-fi rendition by Shoshana Bean and Broadway’s newest musical mogul Sara Bareilles. However, this cover by Carrie Manolakos is a gem. Her elastic voice is so exposed, showing up every contour of vulnerability embedded in Sia’s now legendary songwriting. Gush, gush, gush.

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2. “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Mega tune cover or Bodyguard vocal showcase? Who knows! But who cares? Kathryn Allison shine shine shines. Skip to 3:25 to see why pop powerhouses better watch out and watch closely for this Broadway baby.

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3. “Let it Go” from Frozen

MT divas have been ripping up this tune since the dawn of Adele Dazeem, but which of them has completely nailed it while performing as a cavalcade of other stars including Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand and Miss Dazeem herself? Christina Bianco, that’s who.

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4. “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5

It’s a surefire formula for TV talent show contestants to get up in front of the judges and riff the bejesus out of this Jackson 5 number. Luckily, the musical theatre universe has got us covered. Alysha Umphress knows how to wow, from her comic sensibility to her serious vocal ability (and genius yodeling). Sang it, Alysha.

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5. “I Know I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith

Let’s be real, this song is an instant weepy. Sometimes it seems like no matter who sings it, it’ll always hit a few heartstrings, it’s just that heartbreaking. But pair it with a musical theatre instinct and suddenly the song goes next level. It becomes a gospel-esque rallying cry for jilted lovers across the world, where every cheer and whoop is like a show of solidarity. This cover by Natalie Weiss is no exception.

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What’re your favourites?

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