Baby, It’s Cold Outside: 4 Winter Songs to Bundle Up With

While the Broadway snow day brought on by our friend Winter Storm Jonas looked like fun, I must admit I’m a little tired of the cold. Granted, instead of snow, my college campus has just been faced with lots of rain and cold wind – so my winter has lacked anything fluffy and white so far. But whatever your winter may be like, here are some of my favorite tunes to bundle up with when I want to avoid the chilly outdoors.

1. “Now” – Doctor Zhivago

If sitting in a nook whilst gazing across a field of snow makes you feel like a Russian Romantic, “Now” from the unfortunately short-lived but beautifully melodic show Doctor Zhivago might complete your wintery fantasy. Who wouldn’t love a romantic duet peppered with some slaying vibrato to add to their snuggie and snuggle? For some reason I mentally group all period/literary musicals together, and this song just reminds me of the seldom referenced Jane Eyre musical, which, might I add, is not a bad thing at all. And, of course, it makes me think of all of the failed Anna Karenina musicals, which, to fans of the Keira Knightley film version, is so sad, because it’s art.

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2. “At Christmas” by Georgia Stitt

If you can’t let go of the holidays, this lulling ballad might just be for you. Susan Egan’s version is both soothing and sentimentally sad – which is weird for me since Christmas isn’t that big of a deal in my life. Regardless, it’s beautiful, and if you ever do a holiday concert or cabaret, this tune would make a fresh addition to the requisite collection of tired hymns and standards of yesteryear.

3. “Avalanche” by Kerrigan and Lowdermilk

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the painfully obvious snow pun. It kind of had to happen. However, I have no regrets about sharing Kate Shindle (snaps for the President of AEA) doing absolutely anything; she can do no wrong. Check out that final sustain while you’re at it. To be fair, if I’m cold, inside, and watching Netflix, thinking about an avalanche probably isn’t that logical – but this song was worth a mention regardless.

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4. “Caught in the Storm” by Pasek and Paul

Again, anyone actually stuck in Winter Storm Jonas probably wasn’t exactly trying to focus on that fact. But I am morally obligated to mention Jeremy Jordan’s version of the Smash/Hit List song “Caught in the Storm” – perhaps a literal interpretation of weather events, but we’ll have to get over it. And that bridge, though.

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So the next time you’re snowed in, I highly recommend putting on these songs while sipping cocoa. What you do on a winter’s day is your business, but these songs will definitely stay a part of my snow day routine.

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