#NMTVotW: Duets

On your path to becoming #NMTfamous, you’re going to sing. A lot. And most of that singing will probably be you singing solo (not counting when you’re performing in actual musicals). And that’s great! Singing solos is a lot of fun and allows the audience to really fall in love with you. But, there are times where you get the chance to share your soul and voice with another, and those times are truly magical.

Duets are unlike any other kind of singing – solo or chorus. The chemistry has to be perfect, the harmonies have to blend, and each person must give up their claim to fame and make sure the other person looks good. That can definitely be hard, but it can be done, and has been done beautifully.

Some advice for singing a duet:

  • Listen, listen, listen. When the other person is singing their solo or when you’re trying to harmonize together, you must listen to each other.
  • Don’t overpower your partner. Make sure that you’re staying consistent and neither note is overpowering the other (unless the song calls for it).
  • Stay on your own note. Don’t switch to the melody when you’re the one supposed to be doing the harmony.

This week’s #NMTvotw is a duet sung by Matt Zanfagna and Cheryl Jhaye. They’re singing Kooman and Dimond‘s The Temp and the Receptionist.

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