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#NMTVotW: Gotta Have It All

#NMTvotw has been running for about 8 months now, and we’ve gone over a lot of tips. And if you’re reading them and learning from them, that’s great. However, they’re all pretty segmented, so if you’re only reading one or two, you might be missing out on some essentials, because you can’t just be good […]

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#NMTVotW: Around the World

Last week, I talked about choosing a college for reasons other than “New York.” And this week, I’m continuing that to state that talent can come from all sorts of places. This week’s #NMTvotw comes from a high schooler in Stockholm, Sweden. There are a few things that are international, and music is one of them. […]

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#NMTVotW: College

As most of you are aware, where you go to college is really important in your opportunities that will lead you up to an established career on Broadway and in the new musical theatre scene. Some of are you are currently in college, some of graduated and are off to the races in the heat […]

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#NMTVotW: #New2YouTube

If you haven’t heard already, Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk are running an awesome contest called #New2YouTube. Basically, you sing their songs, post it to YouTube, and add the hashtag. It’s been a great success in getting new artists to post videos of these songs: 50 videos in only 2 months! In going along with […]

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#NMTVotW: Belting, part 3 – Not Just For Girls

Boys belt (and mix), too! Contrary to popular belief, or at least contrary to most discussions about belting, men spend a lot of time also learning how to stretch their voices to be strong and chesty in the upper register. The advice is the same: Get a teacher that really understands your voice and can […]

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#NMTVotW: Belting, part 2

As promised in my previous NMT belting post, there’s a lot more to belting than can be said in one post. In that previous post, we discussed that belting has to come at the appropriate time in a song. To become #NMTfamous, though, belting cannot be thought of separately from mixing. You probably already know […]

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#NMTVotW: Belting, part 1

I say Part 1 because belting is something that is so integral to new musical theatre and won’t be fully explained in just one post. In this week’s belting lesson, I’m going to start with the assumption that you have been properly trained on how to belt healthfully and know how to belt. This post […]

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#NMTVotW: What Started It All

I explain in the very first #NMTvotw post about how there are people who become famous by putting themselves out there on the internet. And one person I look to for this in that post is Alexander Sage Oyen. ASO got his big break by posting a video on Scott Alan’s I’m a Star contest, […]

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#NMTVotW: The Audition

First and foremost, I want to point out our #NMTvotw: This is Kelsey Mielle singing Sixteen Bars by Peter Mills. Kelsey sings beautifully and follows all of our current #NMTvotw tips. However, the song she’s singing brings me to my current tip: how to do a 16 bar cut. 16 bar cuts need to be […]

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#NMTVotW: Tell Me a Story

Musical theatre is unique in that it’s all about a story, and telling that story in a way that only music can provide. However, some musical theatre songs are more story-based than others, requiring a delicate act of talk-singing in order to become that storyteller in a way that really clicks with the audience. A […]

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#NMTVotW: Singing a Ballad

A ballad is a unique opportunity within musical theatre to really, truly connect to your audience, in a way that comedic songs are a unique opportunity to make your audience laugh and feel good. Both are important. And you usually need both in order to audition for any musical theatre program. This week, however, we’re […]

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#NMTVotW: The Delicacy of Acting

I know we’ve talked about acting before, either via #NMTvotw or other posts on the Green Room. But I think it’s something that outside of the Green Room gets passed up a lot (we won’t even go into how infrequently dancing is talked about). In general, singing and acting should never be separate things. A […]

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#NMTVotW: Make It Your Own

Once you’ve perfected that art of acting, singing, and dancing, you need to know the most important part of theatre, and that’s making it your own. We are all so unique that we all interpret the world differently, and it’s our job as actors and writers to make sure those unique things get out into […]

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#NMTVotW: Acting While Singing

I’m sure all of you are great actors – you have to be to go into this business (yay triple threat!). But can you act while you’re singing? It’s a lot harder to do two things at once (multi-tasking is not actually a thing), so there are special rules involved when you’re acting and singing […]

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#NMTVotW: Theme

Congrats to this week’s #NMTvotw, with Alex Christ & Josh Kohane singing Funky Fried Piece of Man Meat by Drew Gasparini.  This week’s #NMTvotw embraces all of the things a great performance should: it’s a duet full of passion with good video quality and well-dressed, great singers. And all of that is important. But none of […]

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#NMTVotW: Riffs

This is gonna be a short message this week. The #NMTvotw featured this week is absolutely amazing: Michelle Cosentino powerhouses Pasek and Paul‘s Ready to Be Loved. I’d like to address the final minute or so (starting at 3:12ish). This kind of singing is the kind that takes a lot of practice and is the […]

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