#NMTVotW: Making a Good Quality Video

In my quest to find the right #NMTvotw, I ran into a lot of really good singers, singing some amazing #NMTsongs, but the quality of the video just didn’t allow the singer to make the cut.

Don’t get me wrong: film away with the amazing new technology of being able to carry just one gadget around – your cell phone. Take goofy pictures of you and your friends, or of unexpected sweet moments that you wouldn’t have a chance to capture with a camera. Just don’t expect people to take it seriously.

Simple video camera, but with a good microphone.

Simple video camera, but with a good microphone.

If you are serious about being a singer and about using YouTube to find your way to your dreams, invest in a really good camera or video camera, and find someone who knows what they’re doing to use it when you’re performing. WikiHow‘s got a great list of things to keep in mind, but as a general rule, you’re looking for:

  • Good sound (you’re singing; you don’t want to only hear people laughing or talking over you)
  • Good picture (you’re performing; you don’t want to watch a blurry, shaky video for 3+ minutes)

And really, that’s all it takes.

With that in mind, I was able to find a really good quality video AND a really good quality singer. Meet Sarah Snydacker, singing I Want Them… by #NMTWriters Goldrich and Heisler and congratulate her on being our second #NMTvotw winner.

Don’t forget to send in your own videos of you singing #NMTsongs by our #NMTwriters for your own chance to be featured on #NMTvotw. A few specifics to clarify for submissions:

  1. Make sure the song is by one of our artists.
  2. Send in only recent videos, so that we know you’re still performing and supporting our artists.
  3. Learn from the advice we give each week: our standards are only going to go up.

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