#NMTVotW: #New2YouTube

If you haven’t heard already, Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk are running an awesome contest called #New2YouTube. Basically, you sing their songs, post it to YouTube, and add the hashtag. It’s been a great success in getting new artists to post videos of these songs: 50 videos in only 2 months!

In going along with the #NMTvotw theme of giving you tips on how to get your name out there, this is a chance you can’t refuse. Not only are you singing new songs, but your videos are getting reviewed by the writers. And if you win, your video will be featured and marketed by those writers. If you’re not getting involved in this, then you’re not ready to become #NMTfamous.

It’s contests like this and others that get you to your dreams.

Added bonus: The songs featured that month are discounted on our website with the code #New2YouTube, so cost shouldn’t be an issue. This month’s song is “Anyway.” There are also karaoke tracks on Kait and Brian’s website.

The overall winner for February was Tracey Timberlake, singing Run Away with Me:

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