#NMTVotW: Riffs

This is gonna be a short message this week. The #NMTvotw featured this week is absolutely amazing:

Michelle Cosentino powerhouses Pasek and Paul‘s Ready to Be Loved.

I’d like to address the final minute or so (starting at 3:12ish). This kind of singing is the kind that takes a lot of practice and is the kind that blows people out of the water. Michelle has to combine mixing, belting, riffing, and vibrato all into the last minute (not that the first 3 minutes aren’t also amazing!).

At 3:30, Michelle “riffs” on “Loved” and it’s absolutely beautiful and uniquely her. Because of this, I thought it’d be important to plug #NMTperformer Natalie Weiss’s Breaking Down The Riffs video series. If you haven’t checked it out and you reading this blog post, you really should check it out. Natalie takes you – the average performer – through famous riffs and breaks them down so you can learn them and sing them at speed with ease.

Thanks for riffing, Michelle, and thanks for teaching us other ones, Natalie.

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