#NMTVotW: Theme

Congrats to this week’s #NMTvotw, with Alex Christ & Josh Kohane singing Funky Fried Piece of Man Meat by Drew Gasparini

This week’s #NMTvotw embraces all of the things a great performance should: it’s a duet full of passion with good video quality and well-dressed, great singers. And all of that is important. But none of it would matter if they didn’t have an audience.

Creating an event is always a grandiose task, from finding a place to pricing and lighting and mics and everything else, it can be easy to forget about marketing your event to the appropriate audience.

The purpose of the event these boys are singing at was to fundraise for cystic fibrosis. Which is a great cause. But just marketing the great cause isn’t enough to convince people to come to an event for it. People need something to get excited about. And these students brought it by theming their event “Bros Belting Ballads.” This theme is attractive to college students because “bro” culture is huge, and belting is huge, so combining them together really makes it intriguing for the audience to come.

In your quest to become #NMTfamous, putting on events is really important to showcase your voice and your talent. Getting people to show up is just as important. So next time you want to sing in front of people (which should be all the time, really), put some thought into a theme and songs that fit into that theme, which will ultimately pull in people to see your show and bring you one step closer to becoming #NMTfamous.

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