#NMTVotW: What Started It All

I explain in the very first #NMTvotw post about how there are people who become famous by putting themselves out there on the internet. And one person I look to for this in that post is Alexander Sage Oyen.

ASO got his big break by posting a video on Scott Alan’s I’m a Star contest, and now his name is exponentially growing in the industry of new musical theater.

He got noticed by singing, but he’s actually famous for his writing. And his songs are amazing. He is a great example of why shop19.newmusicaltheatre.com exists, and I’m so glad his music is finally on the site (seriously, buy all of it!) And what’s even better is that you guys are singing them, and hopefully getting noticed, too.

Here’s a video of his song Belief being sung by Stephen Piergrossi, which I’m honored to call the #NMTvotw:

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