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This September, NMT is putting a spotlight on its writers. Each day, we’ll be featuring one writer or writing team’s recommended audition songs and audition tips – and sharing a discount code for their one-day-only Spotlight Sale! Today, the spotlight belongs to Nick Blaemire. Recently, Nick’s new musical A LITTLE MORE ALIVE played at Kansas City Rep, […]

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NMT on NMT: #NMTWriters Pick Audition Songs

We asked #NMTWriters for audition song recommendations – specifically, one song that they wrote and one song that they didn’t write. Read on to find out their top picks!  KAIT KERRIGAN When She Smiles. I heard a girl sing this song of Lewis Flinn’s in a master class and it felt fresh and young and […]

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Hello, citizens of the NewMusicalTheatre nation – my name is Nick Blaemire, and I’d like to commandeer this here blog for a few paragraphs to talk about a seemingly innocuous, not at all innocuous four-syllable word – “temporary.” It’s been coming up quite a lot lately as I continue to make stuff with my friends, […]

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