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(We’re Gonna Have Ourselves) An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Music by Joe KinosianLyrics by Kellen Blair A mother tries to power through the first Christmas without her eldest sonKey of A (A3-E5) (Video is in A)

35MM Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverIncludes:CrazytownOn Monday Caralee  The Party Goes With You  Make Me Happy  The Seraph  Leave, Luanne  Mama, Let Me In  Why Must We Tell Them Why   Twisted Teeth  Hemming and Hawing  Cut You a Piece  The Ballad of Sara Berry   (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

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84 Years Old

Mary Ellen Ashley at Bruno Walter Aud., Lincoln Center on 12/06/2012 This song has been performed successfully by both "women of a certain age" and young character actresses who want to show off their range and comedic chops. Enjoy!


Jared Gertner at The Laurie Beechman Theatre on 2/13/2009 Michael Kadin Craig at Lincoln Center on 3/23/2009

A Boy of My Own

From The Boy Who Danced on Air Writers: Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne The Boy Who Danced on Air is a love story that takes place between two dancing boys in Afghanistan (Paiman and Feda). Right before this song, Paiman has just stood up for Feda in front of his master and is beaten badly for it. Feda finds Paiman...