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Gender: Female

Pretty Funny

Performed by Lindsay Mendez.

Love Me, Love Me Not

Music and Lyrics by Joey Contreras From LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT: THE MUSIC OF JOEY CONTRERAS Choose your transposition:Key of C: (G3 - D5) (female)Key of F: (C3 - G4) (male) Transposition to ANY KEY available upon request. Key of C: Performed by Natalie Weiss at Live at Arts Bank Cabaret on May 15, 2009 Key of F: Performed...


As performed by Nathan Tysen. Suitable for most male voices. Folky & simple, with lush harmonies. Key of G. The low note is D3. The high note is F#4. Performed by Nathan Tysen at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA, on January 20, 2013.

Everything and More

From the StarKid musical Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Music by A.J. HolmesLyrics by Kaley McMahon   Choose your transposition:Key of G (original key)Key of F (lower key) Transpositions available to ANY key upon request. Contact customer service after purchase.

Sorrow Done

From WE FOXES. Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverKey of C.Video is in C Performed by Emily Rogers at 54 Below.


From Island Song In this poignant, bitter-sweet ballad from ISLAND SONG, a performer paying the bills with a restaurant job struggles to stay focused on the dream. One of Carner & Gregor’s newer songs, it has been performed by Jackie Burns, Natalie Weiss, and more. Choose your transposition: Key of Eb: (C4 - Eb5 / G5 opt.) (As performed by...

When Lily Came

From DARLING.Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverKey of EbmVideo is in Ebm: Krysta Rodriguez, Katie Gassert, Grace Wall and Jessica Hershberg at Joe's Pub on 2/07/2011Key of Ebm: Jenny Powers and Grace Wall with Catherine Brookman, Jennifer DeRosa and Katie Gassert at Joe's Pub on 1/25/2010

Who Wears These Clothes?

A comedy song for a Female actress. The character is looking at a magazine and, while perusing the ads for outrageous clothing worn by stick thin Amazonian models, she sings, "Who wears these clothes?!" Wonderful comedic lyrics with a mid-tempo jazzy melody. Can be done solo or as a duet. As performed by Brooks Almy and Michelle Duffy: