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Island Song

Five New Yorkers are caught in a twisted love affair_ with the city. This unique musical takes us through their poignant and hilarious journeys to seize their own potential and the possibilities the city dangles before them. Driven by its kinetic and eclectic score featuring 5 MAC nominated songs, ISLAND SONG captures every urbanites triumphs, disappointments, and ever-tested perspective.

Make It Here

From Island Song.Music updated as of April 23, 2017. In this intense, emotional rock ballad, the eleven o’clock number in ISLAND SONG, a young performer who has achieved career success asks his distant father to come see his show. It has been performed by singers including Brian Justin Crum, Stephen C. Anthony, Tyler McKenzie, Troy Iwata, Philippe Arroyo, Keith Jack,...

Stay Awhile (Baritenor)

From Island Song.Music updated as of December 5, 2016Jeremy Jordan at 54 Below on April 1, 2014(This performance is in the key of E, not Eb) Jay Armstrong Johnson at Ha! Comedy Club in New York City on 2/28/2010

One More at Deluxe

From ISLAND SONG  by Sam Carner and Derek Gregor A couple, aware that their lives are going in different directions, try to break up maturely. Choose your transposition:Key of C (original key)Key of Bb   Key of C: Performed by Jeremy Jordan and Jackie BurnsPerformed by Danielle Wade and Connor Russell at Le Poisson Rouge on Monday, July 23 2012