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Island Song

Five New Yorkers are caught in a twisted love affair_ with the city. This unique musical takes us through their poignant and hilarious journeys to seize their own potential and the possibilities the city dangles before them. Driven by its kinetic and eclectic score featuring 5 MAC nominated songs, ISLAND SONG captures every urbanites triumphs, disappointments, and ever-tested perspective.

Wall Lovin'

From Island Song. In this hilarious, boyishly naughty number from ISLAND SONG, an innocent guy, new to the city, falls in love with his next door neighbor, whom he hears making love through the wall. But he’s not prepared for what happens when he finally sees her! “Wall Lovin’” has been performed by Jeremy Jordan, Stephen C. Anthony,, Nat Zegree,...

Stay Awhile

From Island Song.Music updated as of December 5, 2016Jeremy Jordan at 54 Below on April 1, 2014 Jay Armstrong Johnson at Ha! Comedy Club in New York City on February 28, 2010

After Hours (Male Version)

From Island Song.Music updated as of April 23, 2017. Dashaun Young at the Duplex on June 28, 2012. Jay Armstrong Johnson at Ha! in NYC on 2/28/2010

Make It Here

From Island Song.Music updated as of April 23, 2017. In this intense, emotional rock ballad, the eleven o’clock number in ISLAND SONG, a young performer who has achieved career success asks his distant father to come see his show. It has been performed by singers including Brian Justin Crum, Stephen C. Anthony, Tyler McKenzie, Troy Iwata, Philippe Arroyo, Keith Jack,...

After Hours (High Tenor Version)

From Island Song.Music updated April 23, 2017. Mykal Kilgore at 92nd St. Y Tribeca on 11/22/2010 Brian Crum at Branford College, Yale on 2/17/2011

Traffic Island Song

An earlier stand-alone version of the opening theme of ISLAND SONG, this joyful ensemble anthem to looking around and appreciating the moment before you leap into the rest of your life, has been performed by Jeremy Jordan, Ashley Park, Bobby Steggert, Annaleigh Ashford, Brian Justin Crum, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Jackie Burns, Carrie Manolakos, Mykal Kilgore, Ashley Spencer, Sarah Stiles, Adam...

So Many Windows

From ISLAND SONG In this yearning, lush quintet from ISLAND SONG, strangers look out their windows, across the city, and wonder about the lives inside all the distant lit-up windows and the possibilities they represent. Singers who have performed it include Jeremy Jordan, Annaleigh Ashford,  Brian Justin Crum, Kimiko Glenn, Bobby Steggert, Sarah Stiles, Mykal Kilgore, Jackie Burns, Adam Jacobs,...

Tie Me Up

From ISLAND SONG In this funny, insightful R&B-infused duet from ISLAND SONG, an ambitious young woman tries to seduce her boyfriend, while he tries to get her to agree to move to the suburbs. This high-octane number has been performed by Jeremy Jordan, Ashley Spencer, Jackie Burns, Andrew Kober, Blair Goldberg, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, Emily Schutheis, Nat Zegree, and more. Choose...

No Room For Plan B

From ISLAND SONG  by Sam Carner and Derek Gregor A young actor who has given himself a year to “make it” contemplates what's next, as he reaches day #364. Choose your transposition:Key of Em (D3 - G4) (original key)Key of Dm (C3 - F4) Key of Em: Performed by Philippe Arroyo at The West End Lounge on August 15, 2016.  ...