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    LINES: A Song Cycle

    An exploration of the word itself, (its meanings, its uses and its power) LINES travels from rock, to Americana, to contemporary theater, to R&B and back again. Six actors lead us through twelve stories; some thrilling, some sweet, some wickedly absurd, all of which question what happens when the line that separates black from white becomes irreversibly blurred revealing only shades of gray.

    LINES was originally produced by Interactive Arts and Media for the 2008 New York Musical Theater Festival's Developmental Series programming and was directed by Maurice Brandon Curry, music directed by J. Oconer Navarro and featured performances by Becca Ayers, Thomas Cannizzaro, Jared Gertner, J. Elaine Marcos, Joe Aaron Reid, Mike Pettry and Ryan Vaughan.

    Never Knew

    From LINES: A Song Cycle. Piper Goodeve at NYC


    From LINES: A Song Cycle. Jennifer Blood at NYCwritten as a standalone but later fit into LINES because it really works there. Lyric discrepancy as a result, but das coo. Also, piano arrangement on sheet is slightly different. Less busy.

    The Shortest Distance from Me to You

    From LINES: A Song Cycle. Jared Gertner, Jen Blood, Sarah Corey, Piper Goodeve, Kendall Sparks at NYC