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    Love, NY

    Living in New York is like being in any romantic relationship: Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. LOVE, NY is the award-winning pop-rock Manhattan musical comedy thats part love letter, part dear john letter to the City of New York. It's a show about finding your voice and what you truly want, as you become an "adult."

    The show follows the intersecting paths of two 20-somethings, Daniel and Benji, and the women that come in and out of their lives as they cope with the New York experience from opposite perspectives - arriving and surviving, love and heartbreak, getting the dream job and just getting by, finding what you want and having to adjust your expectations.

    Nice Young Man

    From Love, NY. Nick Dalton, Leslie Henstock, Alexandra Ferrara, Britney Bertier, Melinda Bass at Stage 72 (The Triad) on 11/25/2012Nick Dalton sings "Nice Young Man" (with Leslie Henstock, Brittney Bertier, Alexandra Ferrara, & Melinda Bass) from LOVE, NY by Rob Rokicki & Michael Ruby at Stage 72 (The Triad) on Nov 19, 2012 Alex Brightman, Vanessa Ray, Krysta Rodriguez, Brynn...