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    Samson's Fire

    SAMSON'S FIRE parallels the true events surrounding Hurricane Katrina in 2005 with the eruption of Mt. Pelee in 1902. The eruption killed 40,000 people instantly, but left one man, Samson, trapped inside a prison cell. Samson's subsequent rise to fame as the "sole survivor" parallels the experiences of Marcus - a man trapped inside Orleans Parish Prison as the water begins to rise. SAMSON'S FIRE is a story of love and survival; about realizing that beyond mountains lie more mountains - and it is time to start climbing.

    No Room in Your Arms

    From Samson's Fire. Nikki Renee Daniels at Triad, NYC on 3/19/2007Piano: Rob Rokicki Leslie Henstock at The Zipper, NYC on 7/16/2009Piano: Andrew Byrne; Guitar: Micah Burgess,

    Bigger Things

    From Samson's Fire. Tituss Burgess at Triad on 3/15/2007This is an abridged concert version Michael James Scott at Triad / Stage 72 on 11/26/2012This is the full version: you can buy here: