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Style: Ballad

I'll Be Here

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Five and a Half Minutes

From The Woman Upstairs. Katie Thompson key suitable for most female voices. (her riffs from "Our First Mistake" are notated, but optional!) Key of G: (G3-D5) or Key of Ab for those who can't quite get down to the low "Gs." (Ab3-Eb5)Performed by Katie Thompson at Birdland on March 1, 2010.   Tenor:From The Woman Upstairs. Key of Db. The...


As Performed by Cait Doyle on YouTube

Holding On

From Tales From The Bad Years. As performed by Melissa Benoist and Dee Roscioli on Kerrigan-Lowdermilk LIVE. Key of E. The low note is E3. The high note is E5. (Does NOT nessessarily need to be belted - the song works for many different voice types.) Performed by Melissa Benoist at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA, on January...

I'm a Beast

from DADDY LONG LEGSKey of Db (intro in B) (Ab3 - Db5)Piano/Conductor score

I Have Torn You From My Heart

from DADDY LONG LEGS Key of APiano/Conductor score

The Color of Your Eyes

from DADDY LONG LEGS Key of FPiano/Conductor score

Dear Tom

From "Circles". Emma Hunton at Laurie Beechman Theatre on 6/28/2010Emma Hunton (Spring Awakening/Next to Normal) sings "Dear Tom" from the musical "Circles" at The Music & Lyrics of Drew Gasparini concert at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC. Cait Doyle at The D-Lounge (NYC) on 3/29/2010Cait Doyle sings "Dear Tom" by Drew Gasparini at the NYTB produced "Crazy Circles; The...