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Style: Ballad

On and On and On

Make sure to connect with the lyrics.Male & Female KeyKey of Gb (Bb3-Eb5)Video is in Gb<> Performed by Elizabeth Ann Berg at 54 Below

Good At Building Things

From:  Let's Drink To That: The Music & Lyrics of Drew Gasparini "This song was written as a tribute to my friend's father who he lost to cancer." - Drew Highest note is a high G Key of Eb (original key) Performed by Brandon J Ellis at 54 Below on September 11, 2017    

Mom Could Play Guitar

This song is about Drew's mom, but make it about YOUR mom! :)Key of Bb (D3-G4)Video is in BbPerformed by Alex Brightman at 54 Below on 9/11/17

I'll Stick Around

From THE LET'S DRINK TO THATThis song is all about making the promise to live. Find hope in the hurt.Male Key - A (E3-B4)Female Key - D (A3-E5) Video is in AKeith White at 54 Below on September 11, 2017