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Style: Comedic


music and lyrics by Adam Gwon from ORDINARY DAYS Song starts in the key of A, which is the key on the OCR.


Listen to Audio at www.myspace.com/adamgwon

What Do You Do With Your Arms?

The secret to life might just be answering this question… one of Carner & Gregor’s most popular numbers, this hilarious full-body performance opportunity has been performed by David Perlman, Danielle Wade, Tamar Broadbent, and hundreds of other performers around the world. Choose your transposition:Key of A (A3 - E5) (soprano)Key of G (G3 - D3) (alto)Key of C (C3 -...


As performed by Jason Tam

Be My Friend (The Facebook Song)

As Performed by Ryan McCabe, Erin Sprow, Connor Russell and Lindsey Hedberg on YouTube


From Tales From The Bad Years. As performed by Randy Blair and Barrett Foa. A half step down from the High Tenor version. Recommended for most men. Key of Bb. The low note is B2. The high note is G#4 for Guy 1 and F#4 for Guy 2. As performed by Randy Blair and Barrett Foa at Catalina Bar &...

When She Smiles

From Lysistrata Jones. Andrew Rannells at Dallas TxHe sings it 1/2 step higher than the musicbackground parts available...