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Style: Comedic


From String. Jared Gertner at Urban Stages on 12/15/2009

So Over - Ab

On a starry mountaintop, three sisters – goddesses known as the Fates – spin, measure, and snip the String of Life. After angering Zeus, they find themselves banished to a modern skyscraper in the mortal world. But when the eldest sister falls in love, the very fabric of the universe begins to unravel. String is a fun, fresh look at...

One Percent - C

From STRINGKey of C / E (C3 - F#4)  Performed by Jeremy Morse ; STRING in Concert at Feinstein's/54 Below - Feb 16, 2016

Just Curious

From String. Geoff Packard and Chelsea Packard at 54 Below on 3/30/2015