• The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room
  • The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room
  • The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room
  • The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room

The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room

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Make room in your laminated binder next to "Girl in 14G" and "Alto's Lament", cherubs ("cherubs" in the sense of both the pet name, and the alumni of Northwestern's illustrious summer theater intensive): “The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room” is a sultry slow jam that allows its singer to show off comic timing, lyrical dexterity, and gratuitous belting. It is a genderless slut anthem because the mesmerizing pull of the only straight boy in the room in high school is known to all.

Choose your transposition:
Key of Am (A3 - E5) (belt) (As performed by Natalie Walker)
Key of Gm (G3 - D5) (lower belt)
Key of Dm (D3 - A4) (tenor)

Any transposition available upon request. Contact customer service after purchase.

Video in Am:

Performed by Natalie Walker at Feinstein’s/54 Below on August 31, 2018.

Written as a collaboration between Natalie Walker, TUCKER, and Mark Montondo, the song debuted as a piano vocal arrangement at a Two Tuckers show at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre NYC on July 20, 2018 and soon thereafter with a full band at Heath Saunders & Natalie Walker: An Ideal Husband/A Good Wife at Feinstein’s/54 Below NYC on August 31, 2018.